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GPP and small municipalities: a workshop

Green Public Procurement is an effective tool to limit the environmental impact of public administrations and promote methods of sustainable production and consumption. In the last 15 years both the EU bodies and the regional and national ones have encouraged this type of "green purchases".


However, as often happens, the shift from legislation to practical reality of public administrations is not always linear and is hampered not only by bureaucracy , but also by a lack of knowledge.


In public procurement tools such as printers, professional refrigerators and lighting equipment require a specific and technical knowledge in order to write calls for tenders able to bring to a public administration benefits in terms of energy savings.


This is even more true in small and medium municipalities, where often those who are in the office are citizens who don't have a specific knowledge  of these issues. As a result, calls for tendres tend to be passed down over time; year after year, the purchase criteria stray from the technological evolution that, nowadays, is very rapid. Therefore, it is essential to provide to these municipalities easy-to-use tools that in order to fill this knowledge gap. 

On November, 11th, 2016 ANCI Lombardia, Eliante and the Politecnico di Milano will present a tool specifically designed to facilitate the writing of calls for tenders with ambitious energy efficiency targets.