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Remote areas for bears: outcomes

The "Remote Areas for Bears" project had as main goal the identification and study of quiet areas suitable for colonization by female bears in their westward expansion from Trentino to the Western Alps.

The project included several stages that led to the definition of a network of potentially suitable areas:

  • The first phase saw the organization of meetings for discussion among bear-management experts to define the parameters for the identification of remote areas. Among the experts involved, Dr. Philip Zibordi, dr. Andrea Mustoni, dr. Luca Pedrotti, dr. Eugenio Carlini, dr. Carlo Frapporti.
  • Then, meetings with local experts have been organised in the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Sondrio, Lecco and Como to locate on map the potential remote areas based on the parameters identified during the workshops with the experts.
  • After identifying the most suitable areas, some in-the-field surveys have been made to verify their actual suitability.
  • After the map and field analysis, maps of the various areas have been produced, which included the corridors between them in order to create a real network where bears could move within.
  • Finally, the results have been shared with regulatory authorities.


Our aim now is to make this network for bears real, identifying the ways in which it could be preserved.