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Clever cities

The CLEVER Cities project starts! Milan municipality has been awarded over 2,5 million euros by EU's Horizon 2020 programme for the development of innovative urban environmental regeneration projects, particularly along the railway line between San Cristoforo and Porta Romana. 

The project consortium sees the participation of the city of Hamburg as lead partner, Milan and London as a "Front Runner" partner, as well as Malmo, Madrid, Larissa (Greece), Sfantu Gheorghe (Romania) and Belgrade as city "followers". In Milan, the municipal administration has worked on its proposal together with RFI, Polytechnic Foundation, Ambiente Italia, WWF Ricerche e Progetti, Cooperativa Eliante and AMAT starting from the feasibility study realized for Rotaie Verdi, the project promoting a great naturalistic oasis and an ecological corridor able to connect areas among the disused railway stations of San Cristoforo, Porta Genova and Porta Romana.

The aim of the project is the implementation of re-naturalization proposals having a strong impact on the quality of the urban fabric. The funds will guarantee the design and implementation of some innovative interventions as:

  • the design and construction of noise barriers through the inclusion of naturalistic elements along the railroad tracks, also in order to increase biodiversity;
  • the implementation of green infrastructures at the new Tibaldi station;
  • the construction of green roofs through the involvement of all potential stakeholders, including incentives and a capillary information campaign;
  • the involvement of citizens in the design and implementation of interventions through the development of an IT platform aiming at facilitating participation.

In relation to the related skills and know-how, each partner will contribute to the implementation of these projects and the diffusion of Nature Based Solutions (NBS ).