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Consultation on access to justice in environmental matters

The European Commission has opened a public consultation on a new proposal for a directive on access to justice in environmental matters, which is open to all citizens, organizations and public bodies. The deadline is 2013, September, 23rd.

This consultation is important for the whole European community but it is even more important for a country like Italy, which counts 29 infringement procedures, about 1/3 of the total raised by the Commission. From landfills to Environmental Impact Assessment procedures not fulfilled, from protected areas threatened by controversial projects (such as hydro-power plants in sensitive areas) to waste-disposal plants jeopardizing whole communities, today more than ever it is necessary to involve citizens actively in the drafting of a new and more effective directive on environmental matters.

The results of this public consultation will help in this regard. Our contribution is important to defend the territory from lobbies aiming at building, polluting and destroying in order to continue earning money at the expense of the environment.

The consultation is available here and is divided into two parts, individual citizens (here) and organizations (here).