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Covid 19, environmental education activities to do at home \ #1 Flying Explorations

In these days of isolation caused by the spread of Covid 19, our environmental education activities in schools have stopped, and it has become more difficult for everyone to feel in touch in nature.

We want to stay close to teachers, children and teenagers. For this reason, we are proposing simple environmental education activities on our blog and our social networks. Follow us on our Facebook and LinkedIn, put our advice into practice and send photos, drawings, collages or stories of your nature discovery activities to With your permission, we will disseminate your contributions through our channels. We are waiting for you!

Let's start with the first activity: the Flying Explorations, designed to observe the nature around your home from abov, while creating stories about the animals and plants, exercising biological knowledge and imagination. We invite children and parents to observe their surroundings  from above through tools such as Google Maps. Detect the natural elements: rivers, lakes, woods, but also gardens, hedges, flower beds. Then, try to imagine which animals can live there: sparrows in the hedges? woodpekers in the park? butterflies among the flowers? foxes in the forest? Choose your favorite characters, and write a story!