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Covid 19, environmental education activities to do at home \ #2 Birdwatching at the Window

In these days of isolation caused by the spread of Covid 19, our environmental education activities in schools have stopped, and it has become more difficult for everyone to feel in touch in nature. We want to stay close to teachers, children and teenagers. For this reason, we are proposing simple environmental education activities on our blog and our social networks. Follow us on our Facebook and LinkedIn, put our advice into practice and send photos, drawings, collages or stories of your nature discovery activities to With your permission, we will disseminate your contributions through our channels. We are waiting for you!

Our second actiivity is Birdwatching at the Window, launched by the EBN. the Italian birdwatching society. Birds are among the easiest animals to observe, and you can do it with simple tools: which ones?

  • Our eyes, wide open, to carefully observe the species that is flying in the sky. 
  • Our ears: it may seem complicated but birdwatchers very often recognize species precisely by the type of song. To improve your ability, there are online archives such as
  • A birwatching illustrated guide. You can buy one or download it online, even for free. 
  • Pencils and paper

For each observation, write down on the sheet:

  • The species you are seeing. If you don't have a manual, don't give up, we are here! Write a description of the characteristics of the bird you are observing or try to draw it. If it is very close you can even take a photo! Send the materials to
  • The number of individuals
  • The recognition method: sight on listening
  • The time of the day
  • Type of observation: the sighting is random or your actively birdwatching?

Now, you are ready!

You just have to sit at the window, for as long as you want, some bird watchers spend the hours like this :) Look at the sky and when you see some birds, try to recognize it or give us a description. You can also upload your sightings on the Ubird platform, making them available to everyone. You will help other birdwatchers!