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Sustainable cooking in downtown Milan

Sustainable cooking: we hear so much about it, but do we really know what is it? How can we put its principles into practice? To answer these and other questions and to give many practical tips on how to make our menu as sustainable as possible, we are organising a party together with La Cordata and Citizens X Milan local organisations. The event will be held on October, 17th from 5 pm to 8 pm in 49, San Vittore street, Milan.

The event is organised on the occasion of the final event of “Menu Friends of the Planet”, a project co-funded by Cariplo Foundation and run by Adiconsum Lombardy (a local consumer association), University of Tuscia and WWF Italy, whom we worked with. Thanks to some courses organised by Adiconsum Lombardy and WWF Italy and held by the Adiconsum Lombardy itself and Eliante, about a hundred participants from different provinces got useful knowledge to make correct choices related to sustainable cooking and food consumption.

During the event it will be possible to taste typical products from different farms operating in the outskirts of Milan, as well as participate in sustainable-cooking courses that will teach us, for example, to cook using a dishwasher and to raise a small garden on the balcony. In addition, there will be discussions on how to reduce food waste and how to be part of Local Exchange Communities. 

We will also celebrate FAO’s World Food Day by inviting participants to bring  forks, knives, plates and glasses from home in order to reduce as much as possible the amount of garbage.