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Today Milan is a bit more beautiful and liveable

The public garden between Ciconi street and Zurich street (Milan) is felt like a garden of their own by the inhabitants of the neighborhood. Thanks to the project "A beautiful Milan" we met the people living in the blocks of flats sorrounding the garden to confront them.

The aim of our project is reducing the burden on the community of the restoration of neglected areas through the establishment of a collective response based on demands and proposals of the community itself.

This is one of the most beautiful places in Milan, within walking distance of a vast urban residential area. On the other hand, it is one of the least used, as evidenced by the state of apparent abandonment of paths, play grounds and benches.



The first meeting has been held in Ciconi street to make us get in direct touch with the community and let us understand its problems, ideas, requests and proposals to revitalise the area. An initial cold welcome has been warmed by Enrico Fedreghini (the project creator), who explained the meaning of our project: “This area is a green space where the cost of municipal maintenance and cleaning are borne by society: ensuring an effective use instead of the current state of neglect is a fundamental condition to avoid any project entailing different uses of such a beautiful place”.

On this basis you open the box and local people start telling stories: they told us that in the past decades they had planted and cared of the different trees and that only later (15-20 years ago) the Milan administration structured the area with pathways and spaces usable by the citizens. In short, the garden is loved more than we could imagine.

The ice eventually broken, we moved into the garden to make a short tour. Too many branches and too dense hedges invading the paths make the area not safe, since they prevent a view from the road. Moreover, the lower branches covers public spaces and benches. Simultaneously, we saw small animals among the vegetation and we discovered a sort self-maintained ecosystem offering asylum even to small animals.



Following this first meeting and the proposals we collected, in a few days some interventions have already been made: the benches have been moved to most suitable spaces and the lower part of the vegetation has been stripped, making the garden safer.

While waiting for the next meeting in the coming weeks where to take stock of what has been done, we had a positive impact; today Milan is a bit more beautiful and liveable.