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From Alps to Apennines: an ecological corridor to adapt to climate change

The goal of the project is to enable species migrating northward through a corridor between Northern Appenines and Western Alps in order to make them adapt to climate change. The two mountain ranges meet at the border between France and Italy, between the Rhone valley, French Riviera, Liguria, Piedmont and Tuscany; in this area already existing ecological corridors will be protected and enhanced, whereas fragmented passages will be open and restored. 

Due to the increasing urbanisation of the Po valley, the possibility of species to migrate northward is put in serious danger. At the same time, climate change is making increasingly crucial to ensure species that this migration could occur to adapt to global warming. 

Decades ago the Po River plain used to be a perfect link between the Mediterranean area and the Alps. However, nowadays the Po river plain is one of the more urbanised areas of Europe and, as a consequence, the link has turned into a huge wall that does not allow species to move freely. The only hole in this wall is the Ticino River, even though it is insufficient. Hence the need to ensure a viable route to the north through the Alps-Apennines way.

The project foresees both a detailed analysis of the state of conservation of the corridor area and participation and communication activities aimed at ensuring social support of the most important local stakeholders. In addition, some field actions will be put into practice in order to remove environmental barriers within areas that will be chosen during the course of the project.