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Dishwashers, washing machines, hobs, ovens and TV sets: how to choose the best and the most efficient appliances and how to use them in the cheapest way? Help comes from Topten, whose goal is to provide consumers and large purchasers (public and private) with a practical tool to choose the best products on the Italian market. The key criteria are energy consumption, the impact on environment and health and their technical qualities.

But let's show to some examples: regarding TV sets, the models chosen by Topten consume on average 20% less energy than those in class A or B. Topten provides also a number of tips and buying criteria that should guide the choice. These concern: the screen size, a short response time (25 milliseconds or less), a high contrast ratio, a high degree of brightness (so the image can be seen even in places with plenty of light) and a wide viewing-angle in case the TV should be seen by several people simultaneously.


If the screen is also used as a PC monitor, it is recommended to go for a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher. Concerning the screen resolution, remember that the latest generation of 4K TV consumes on average 20% more energy compared to a Full HD TV and 40% more of a HD Ready model.