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Eliante, ANCI Lombardia and Milan's Politecnico together for energy efficienty

ANCI Lombardia, Eliante and the Department of Energy of the Politecnico di Milano have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for energy efficient purchases in the Public Administration. The goal is to spread among the municipalities of Lombardy region useful procedures and tools to guide municipal administrators towards top energy-efficient products.

Thanks to Topten and Procold projects, Eliante and the Polytechnic will provide the technical personnel of municipalities with ambitious technical criteria to facilitate the drafting of public tenders containing high standards in terms of energy efficiency. Taking these criteria into consideration will allow significant energy savings and will ease the achievement of PA's targets in terms of environmental sustainability.

Sergio Zanetti, vice president of the Department of Environment - ANCI Lombardia declared: "The PA has been adopting procedures to make purchases meeting high energy efficiency standards for years, according to European guidelines. However, these procedures are often not put into practice, especially in small municipalities, due to the complexity of the matter and of bureaucratic obstacles. In this frame, the signing of the MoU represents an important step forward as it is intended to define user-friendly tools to help administrators".

Mauro Belardi, President of Eliante, greets in positive tones the agreement: "The signing of this MoU opens a new chapter in efficiency culture. The fact that the Public Administration targets ambitious goals and is eager to fullfil them will, hopefully, have a positive effect on the entire supply chain, from the manufacturers to final consumers. "