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Eliante and ASIA together for an environmentally-friendly international development cooperation

Designing international development cooperation (IDC) projects that, besides addressing poverty and promoting social and cultural development, take into account biodiversity preservation and responsible use of natural resources. This is the objective of the agreement reached between Eliante and ASIA. 



ASIA has been promoting the economic, social and cultural development of Asian populations for 25 years. It pays particular attention to the Tibetan context, but considers China, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka as well. Among ASIA’s most important achievements, the construction of 19 schools and 20 clinics in Tibet, the support given to about 3,000 students through distance adoptions, humanitarian aid in case of natural disasters.



The collaboration with Eliante will add one more good deed to all these: the protection of the habitats and biodiversity of the Himalayan plateau. 

As a matter of fact, IDC projects often do not consider environment as a priority. For example, building dams to provide renewable energy to villages without considering rivers’ natural features entails, in the long run, more cons than pros. Or, deforestation actions aiming at increasing cultivable areas, if not carried out paying attention to environmental sustainability, lead to both soil depletion and global warming.



Therefore, IDC should include specific know-how that, through environment protection, will ensure a sustainable and long-lasting development. Thanks to the experience gained through years of work in the field, Eliante is able to provide these skills.

In fact, good practices concerning the management of natural resource and the involvement of local communities to protect the environment can be transferred successfully, respecting at the same time the need for development of the most disadvantaged populations. The path is long, but we are convinced we can create and implement together with ASIA projects with both a humanitarian and environmental high-value.