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Green events at San Siro: the story so far

The first year of the project has passed by between accelerations and sudden brakings, optimism and pessimism, between the belief that we can actually contribute to make one of the world's most important sports facilities more sustainable and the lack of confidence that the immensity of the task does not allow us to be really concrete.

The first good news is that we managed to gather around a table in order to talk about sustainability all the actors involved in the management of both the structure of the stadium and the complex organizational machine behind matches, concerts and other events.

During the meetings we recorded an encouraging awareness of the importance that, in terms of sustainability, San Siro stadium is inversely proportional to its sport reputation. As an example, within the stadium rubbish is collected unseparately; the whole structure is studded with anachronistic black bags housing anything, from food remains to newspapers. 

Among many shadows, even some light. The society tha manages the stadium is planning a series of investments that will improve San Siro’s sustainability in terms of energy supply and water consumption. This feeds in us a flame of optimism; our project’s actions together with the ones foreseen by the stadium’s manager have the potential to make San Siro’s sustainability worthy of its sports reputation. 

The work we have done during 2013 is resulting in a program of activities that will be put in practice throughout 2014. Earlier next year we are going to present a kind of "manifesto" that will point out a detailed list of measures to be taken to make the stadium more sustainable. Also in 2014 one or omore of these measures will be implemented during two matches. Moreover, the project is going to launch a campaign to raise stadium employees’ awareness about recycling and energy efficiency in order to positively influence their behaviour and guide them towards a greater sustainability.

Our eventual goal is one: making San Siro not only a proponent of sports, but of sustainability as well.