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Dreams sometimes come true... the story of Green Rails project

We would like to revive an old Marina Trentin’s  post; she is an Eliante’s member and one of the first who have believed in Green Rails project since 2011. We are publishing it because it is nice to think that even the most impossible dreams, if pursued with perseverance and determination, can come true

Return on the project after four months: I had mentioned it in a previous post. Back from a happy evening, some thoughts running in my head need to be written down.

The symbol is quicksilver, mercury; at first, it is only a drop, a person hitting another one with an idea. The idea gets bigger, the drop becomes larger, these two people involve a third, then a small group, and stick together. And the drop keeps growing.

I wanted a demonstration from a city that seems not wanting anything truly, where also people wanting to do something often bring forward only ideas and not facts. They often "organize events” according to the trend of the moment.

Instead, I wanted to leave my mark: in a delirium of omnipotence even Mr. Nobody can do it, if you want to create and not just talk. If you are willing to give up the "copyright" of an idea in order to make it happen. I involved another person, and then we curdled with a third one... or maybe it was that third one who collided with us. And since similia similibus solvuntur (the similar runs into the similar), we could create a common playing field, large enough to be used by many players, each one playing in its own way.

Everything else has come such as a waterfall: a name found almost by chance, a prestigious support from WWF Italy that wanted to trust and invest in a dream, the satisfaction of seeing something growing. It is almost a certainty, we will leave a mark. Even if the project died today, tomorrow, we would have enriched this city and its ways of thinking: we have instilled someone’s imagination the idea that there is not only one way of doing things, that is letting other people do them only to criticise them.

You can make it, real and big.

We started with an idea and we made a mess.

I still can not imagine the day when there will be something made, nor what will be its final form, but today it looks closer.

Marina Trentin

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