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Tips for nature-friendly photography

A new contest aimed at all those who love photography, outdoor activities and nature! We know well that nature photography can give you great satisfaction. With a single click you can transmit to other people the magic that is hidden in the details, in the individual elements that make up habitats and ecosystems; the relationships between these elements can be told, highlighting their fragility and at the same time their power. The important thing is that even when we are looking for an effective shot, we do not forget that we are moving in a living environment, where our actions can have repercussions on the living environment and on the behavior of animals. In general, we must remember not to alter the place where we are in any way and not to cause stress to the individuals we try to immortalize. So here are ten rules for responsible wildlife photography:

  • Never use food or other objects to attract animals
  • Do not wake hibernating animals
  • Do not try to photograph birds in the nest (in some regions of Italy it is prohibited by law) and, in general, do not disturb the animals in their shelter
  • Never move animals (think for example of small amphibians or invertebrates)
  • Remember that if you set up a real photographic set this will not have to change the environment you are in
  • Do not try to change the habits of the species and do not chase them to bring them out into the open
  • Do not leave waste in the environment
  • Use suitable lenses so you don't have to get too close to the animals
  • Be careful not to damage the flora
  • If an animal appears frightened, walk away

Plus, five basic tricks for better results:

  • Don't wear bright colors. Choose dark or camouflage fabrics
  • Avoid strong-scented cosmetics and do not eat during the walk
  • Move quietly and calmly
  • Study the behavior of the animals you intend to photograph and the areas of diffusion of the plants that interest you
  • Try to position yourself on the same plane as your subject, for example by lowering yourself in a lawn to grasp the shapes of the flowers from the front

And starting from these tips, we invite you to test yourself with our competition “Monte Barro. The strength of the elements ”! All information at the link: