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The contribution to biodiversity of the 2014-2020 RDP in Lombardy

The new Rural Development Programme (RDP) has to take on several challenges related to the ongoing environmental and social changes and has the opportunity to do so in a sutainable and innovative way. The quality of Lombardy agriculture and farming is crucial for the presence and maintenance of relevant habitats and species at the European level, such as pastures supporting many endemic flora and rice paddies of Lomellina that are home to a significant number of the herons living in Europe. 

Agriculture has a strong impact on biodiversity and the environment; this is particularly true in plains, where it is intensive. But even in contexts where the enviroment looks more natural, such as in the Alps, agriculture should be guided and supported in order to make it keep its function of biodiversity, water and ecosystem service reservoir.

During the workshop the 2014-2020 RDP will be analysed; the discussion will focus on how RDP should guarantee a high quality agriculture ensuring the maintenance of biodiversity able to safeguard our well being. Concentrating upon diversification, environmental sustainability and multifunctionality is now a necessity because, in contrast to what was thought in the past, competitiveness and sustainability are not contradictory, but rather mutually reinforcing

The program is available for download in the attachments section (top left).