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Pasturs grand finale


100 volunteers chosen from over 500 candidates, 9 alpine pastures in the Bergamo Alps, 7 guard dogs and a common goal: improving the coexistence between shepherds and large predators through the mitigation of the risk of possible predations on domestic livestock. The final balance of Pasturs is very positive: Pasturs has seen an enthusiastic participation of young people and students: in 2017, 86% of the volunteers were under 30 and 71% were students. 

Nine sheperds on the territory of the Bergamo Orobie Park participated in the project. Pasturs' volunteers took care of 6700 sheeps from the "Bergamo sheep" breed, 213 goats, 274 cows and 42 horses. Sheperds took a two-day training course as well and received 9 free electric fences to protect their flocks from possible raids by large predators. In addition, they received 7 guard dogs with 70 bags of feed for puppies (Abruzzese Pastore breed in collaboration with CPMA Italy - Maremmano Abruzzese Pastor Circle, Life WolfAlps and Difesattiva) who, thanks to the supervision of volunteers, were "introduced" to flocks.

85% of the volunteers ended their experience among the mountains satisfactorily, so much so that 88% would like to repeat it. Over 70% said they were satisfied with the relationship established with the shepherd.

Pasturs has given concrete support to the protection and enhancement of Bergamo sheep products thanks to the definition of a territorial marketing plan aimed at supporting the local economy using the large predators as a positive differentiation element. Moreover, a feasibility project has been defined for the traceability of wool and a commercial agreement has been set in oder to feed the supply chain of fresh meat.

The Pasturs project was put in place by Eliante with the partnership of Parco delle Orobie Bergamasche and WWF Bergamo - Brescia, in collaboration with Coldiretti Bergamo, Lombardy Region - Life WolfAlps project, Trainer - Novafoods and with the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo in the 2015 "Resilient Communities" call for tenders.