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The improvement of Groane Park ecological network

Expansion and maintenance of wetlands, containment of alien species and improvement of the northwest corridor of Lombardy’s Regional Ecological Network (REN) are the main actions of the project "Improvement of Groane Park ecological network" that in the next two years will implement concrete actions to improve the environment of this important part of the REN. 

The Groane Park is a biodiversity hotspot just outside Milan; it hosts two Sites of Community Interest, 6 endemic species, 6 endangered species, 13 species protected under the Birds Directive and 18 species protected under the Habitats Directive. Moreover, the Park wetlands are an ideal habitat for several priority species of flora and fauna.

Nevertheless, this unique mosaic of habitats and priority species is under pressure by various stresses that threaten its continuity and preservation. Among them, increasing human activities in this area so close to Milan, the growing presence of alien species and the degradation of some areas.

Therefore, preserving this area is crucial. Among the actions that the project partners will implement there are: the construction of underpasses to allow amphibians to safely cross roads running through the Park, the creation of new wetlands and the consolidation of existing ones, the recovery of degraded areas through their cleaning and reforestation and the removal of alien species. In addition, during the project outreach activities for schools and the local population will be organized.