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Our BioBlitz

The 2018 edition of Bioblitz Lombardia brought to the Monte Barro Park a lot of people and many children who participated in naturalistic excursions and educational workshops. The weekend started on Saturday afternoon, when participants carried out an ant-sampling activity. Then, on Saturday evening twenty people gathered for an aperitif at Eremo's restaurant, followed by an excursion to discover the sounds of nature at night and to observe the inhabitants of Prà Pozzetto pool. The protagonist of the evening was a female of Toad, who wandered around the pond.

On Sunday morning, after a rainy night, the weather finally allowed to carry out censuses of trees, shrubs, flowers and birds. The itineraries led participants to the Monte Barro Hermitage from where they started, in the afternoon, excursions to discover butterflies, insects and flowers. Children participated in educational workshops creating silhouettes of foxes, frogs, owls, squirrels, ants, etc. using scraps of paper and cardboard. A storm, announced by some thunder and the first drops, put an end to the day in the late afternoon.

The overall result of the event saw the participation of more than 80 people. A total of 262 observations were collected with 224 species of plants and animals surveyed, including 176 species of trees and flowers observed during the three excursions dedicated to vegetation.