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The EU parliament in defense of Habitat and Birds directives

With an overwhelming vote (592 in favor, 52 against), the European Parliament has spoken in favour of strengthening and implementing the Habitats and Birds Directives, two key Directives that design the necessary legal framework for the protection of biodiversity in the European Union.

This vote is also auspicious in the light of the ongoing process led by the European Commission that is assessing the efficacy of the two Directives. This process has seen the mobilization of more than 500,000 European citizens who have asked Brussels not only to maintain both the Directives, but also to strengthen and fully apply them.

They were joined last October by 9 national Environment Ministers (including the Italian one), who in a letter to the European Commissioner for the Environment Karmenu Vella stressed the importance of not amending the two Directives, referred to as "essential to the conservation of biodiversity in Europe”.

Since their establishment (1979 and 1992) the Habitat and Birds Directives have enabled the creation of a network of protected areas (Natura 2000) that today preserves about 27,000 areas, which account for 18% of the EU territory and 4% of seas. 

The citizens and the European Parliament have sided openly in favour of the Habitat and Birds Directives: we hope that the European Commission will agree on keeping them work as soon as the assessing procedure will be completed.