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Naturally biodiverse project

Biodiversity conservation is a challenge that can ben took by each of us. At home and at school, during a trip and doing shopping, each of us can contribute to the protection of species and habitats by a sustainable use of natural resources and a responsible lifestyle in order to help ourselves, environment and biodiversity.

To investigate this latter aspect Eliante is providing a consultancy service to Parco Nord Milano and IDEA social cooperative in the frame of “Naturally biodiverse” project, which is co-financed by Fondazione Cariplo. The project is addressing the employees and the volunteers of the two entities through a training program in order to increase their organisational and operational skills, as well as educational and communicational ones.

The project is consistent with a general trend that, also at international level, is increasing awareness about biodiversity conservation, which is becoming a key issue for ensuring humanity an existence that respects the planet and future generations. In fact, the period 2011-2020 has been declared by the UN Decade of Biodiversity; in 2010 the UN General Assembly has taken this important decision to urge humanity to live in harmony with nature and to preserve and properly manage its richness for future generations.

The year 2010 was very significant for Italy, which established the National Strategy for Biodiversity, an indispensable tool for defining the vision for the conservation of biodiversity and ensure its integration with the development and implementation of national policies.