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The collaboration between shepherds and volunteers kicks off

Thirty-five volunteers, five shepherds and an extraordinary environment to be protected and enhanced. The collaboration among volunteers and sheperds has officially started, with the double goal to implement a series of measures to mitigate the risk arising from large predators and to encourage a pacific coexistence between large predators and the breeding world.

Alessio Pacati, 21 year old, Marta Ferrari, 22 and Adriano Caccia, 34 are the first volunteers who have reached the mountain pastures to start their work and help shepherds to implement measures to protect cattle from possible attacks by large carnivores, such as setting electric fences, guarding the cattle, managing watchdogs and raising tourists' awareness. The final aim is to establish an open and effective dialogue between the world of shepherds and the environmentalists.

The 35 volunteers involved will work in the field, each according to their availability during the summer season, from June to September, and will be in close contact with the shepherds who will host them ensuring food and lodging.