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Kick off of the environmental education activities at Monte Barro Regional Park

The school year is starting and, together with it, the environmental education activities organized by Eliante at Monte Barro Regional Park. The range of activities is very wide and gives pupils, young people and adults the opportunity to enjoy the park 365 days a year. Everybody will find interesting activities to carry out within a protected area with a stunning panorama on three lakes that, in clear weather days, includes even Milan’s Duomo. 

The activities include educational paths that allow you to actively disclose the rich biodiversity of the park thanks to a laboratory for environmental education and a 40 kilometers trail network. In addition, there are more classic activities including two museums, a center for the study of native flora and an ornithological station. Last but not least, there is also an archeological site hosting a Goth settlement of the V – VI century. 


Our method

Learning by doing is our motto! The educational program is based on a methodology through which children and young people and adults are involved in educational experiences based on a "do to understand" approach. In this way we would like to encourage a direct and active participation in the activities, in order to value the diversity of intelligences and combine the emotional dimension together with the cognitive one.

The park’s environment (meant as an ecological, biological, social and cultural system) is the ideal place to live experiences directly establishing a positive relationship towards the environment, themselves and the others.

For more information about logistics and accomodation, the full activity program for schools and adults, write to