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The Brughiera Briantea ecological connectivity

Maintaining and improving an important ecological corridor that connects the Alps of Lombardy to the Po Valley. This is the goal of the project "The ecological connectivity of the Brughiera Briantea", funded by the Cariplo Foundation and that brings together the Lombardy Foundation for the Environment (FLA) , the Municipality of Cantù, Brughiera Briantea Park and Innova21 Agency.

The study area occupies about 23,000 square metres and hosts 30 municipalities. It is a densely urbanized zone and, at the same time, is one of the most important for the implementation of the Regional Ecological Network (REN) as a link between the pre-Alpine foothills (more natural) and southern plain (more urbanized and fragmented).

The project will design a feasibility study aimed at maintaining and improving the ecological connectivity within the described area. It will include not only an analysis of the number of plant and animal species and their needs in terms of ecological connectivity, but also a comprehensive study of the social, legal and economic feasibility of the measures that will be proposed by the consortium.

Eliante participates in this project as a partner of the FLA for the study of the mammals community and for some communication activities.