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The end of Impollina-MI project

After two years, the Impollina-MI project has come to an end. During the project period we and our partners committed to encourage citizenship towards theoretical and practical activities aimed at favouring the presence of butterflies and other pollinating insects in the city of Milan.

Supported by Cariplo Foundation, the project gathered Eliante, the University of Insubria and the Municipality of Milan. Thanks to the Impollina-MI project, 5 urban oases have been built (Darsena, Baden Powell Park, Segantini Park, Parco delle Basiliche, Botanical Museum) which, over time, should develop their full ecological potential and, hopefully, will serve as a point of protection for pollinating insects.

Among the activities aiming at raising awareness of citizenship, in 2017 15 meetings were organized to encourage as many people as possible to replicate, even in small, the project in their own green space or on their own terrace. We talked about our experience, answered questions, gave suggestions: now, there is a nice online manual that collects all the essential points for the creation of oases for butterflies and explains step by step how to do it. The manual will be distributed by the Municipal Administration.

Over the past 11 months, over 24.000 pages of the Impollina-MI site have been visited by 6.000 different users. These numbers confirm how the project was liked and make us hope for the positive results that can come from the project itself.