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Halogen bulbs? Beware of green washing!

According to a research made by Coolproducts, halogen bulbs (the less efficient on the market) are still sold by leading manufacturers throughout Europe such as "green".

Halogen bulbs consume about 10 times more of the best LED bulbs on the market. In fact, if we look at the energy label of halogen lamps, at most we will find class C appliances, while LED bulbs arrive to A + and A ++. Morover, halogen bulbs drive the bill up to 45 € per year.

Inspections conducted by Coolproducts on bulbs sold in supermarkets and web sites of 7 countries (Belgium, Italy, Denmark, UK, Spain, France, Germany) revealed that manufacturers like Philips and Osram (but also others) add on packages of halogens bulbs writings like "eco" along with images of nature. These images were found on packs of class D bulbs, the worst on the market.

Remember that halogen bulbs are ecological only when compared to the old incandescent bulbs, which have been phased out years ago. Today the halogens can hardly be called "green", since they are less efficient than ever; any attempt to spread this idea can safely be called green washing.

So be careful what you buy, always look at the energy label and remember that the bulbs in class C and class D are the ones that will make you consume more energy and will drive up your bill.

To read the article by Coolproducts, click here.