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The EU Directives in nature's defense are in safety

Excellent news from Brussels: the fitness check of the EU Bird and Habitat Directives ended with a clearly positive assessment.


As a result, both Directives will not be neither rewritten nor weakened, keeping intact their effectiveness that, over the past 20 years, made it possible to preserve species and habitats of great value.


In fact, thanks to these directives in the EU today are protected more than 1,400 species, including some extremely endangered such as the lynx, the imperial eagle and the wolf, and about 1 million square meters of land (approximately 18% of European territory and 6% of the seas), forming a very large network of protected areas (the "Natura 2000" network) visited each year by about 50 million people.


In defense of the Habitats and Birds Directives more than half a million people across the EU and about 200 non-governmental organizations have moved in the last two years .


The positive assessment given by the European Commission confirmed the usefulness and effectiveness of the Directives for the European environment and now opens the challenge to their full implementation, in a context where nature is under enormous pressure from some productive sectors as industrial agriculture.