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Our tourist proposals at Monte Barro Park

In addition to environmental education activities, Mount Barro is also a charming tourist destination. There are two proposals that we offer:


  • A mountain of biodiversity: the park is characterised by forests, grasslands and cliffs that are home to a wide range of plant species (about 1,000 in just 700 hectares). Strolling among the many paths of the Park accompanied by experienced guides, you can discover this rich treasure, visiting the small nature museum, the Experimental Center for the Study and Research on autochthonous flora, Villa Bertarelli's Garden and the Ornithological Experimental Station of Costa Perla.
  • Traveling through time and cultures: the areas of the Park Monte Barro are witnesses of ancient traditions and knowledge handed down over the centuries by the peoples who lived here. Among the ancient tools of the trade and well-preserved archaeological sites, the location of the visit will take you through the paths of the Park to the discovery of the Archaeological Plans Barra (Gota era), the ancient Church of Santa Maria (the fifteenth century) and the Ethnographic Museum of Brianza. More information about costs and organization can be found here.
Both the proposals can be done in English and German. If interested, please write to