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Oltrepò pavese, a mosaic of nature and viticolture

The results of the studies carried out by the project naturalists have confirmed that Oltrepò vineyards host animal and plant species of great value, which are an asset to be protected and promoted.


94 species of birds (including 73 nesting species) have been found among the vineyards, including gems such as the European roller and the harrier and migratory species like the long-legged buzzard and the red kite. Moreover, 53 species of butterflies have been spotted, which makes Oltrepò Pavese an area richer in butterflies than all over the UK.


This richness has been guaranteed by maintaining a strong heterogeneity of environments over the decades; like a mosaic where all the pieces fit together to form a landscape, within Oltrepò different vineyard management practices have helped to create a mosaic of very diverse environments, which nature has benefited from.


In order to maintain the value of this beautiful mosaic, it must be shared among the stakeholders operating in Oltrepò. For this reason, the project looks for the direct involvement of winemakers, local administrators, schools and associations to share practices and actions in order to strengthen and promote the natural elements that make the vineyards of these hills so special.


Maintaining this mosaic also represents an important opportunity from the economic point of view: growing high-environmental-value vineyards offers interesting developments for the promotion of local products. The intention is to combine in a virtuous circle the economic needs of growers and environmental issues, developing a method that could be used for other important agricultural sectors in Oltrepò.