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Wolf and boar control: a feasible solution?

Yes, the presence of the wolf is a (partial) solution to limit the damages caused by wild boars in cultivated fields. Not because wolves devour dozens of wild boars, but because his mere presence intimidates them to such an extent that they tend to implement escape strategies that have a positive impact on the containment of damages.

How does it happen? Without predators, wild boars generally roam fearless in large groups across the countryside. They venture into open spaces damaging crops considerably. But the situation changes when wolves patrol the territory; knowing the predator nearby, wild boars cease to roam in open country and remain hidden, thus limiting the incursions into the crops. Furthermore, they form smaller and, therefore, less harmful groups.

Lst but not least, the presence of wolves is a natural selector; like any predator, they tends to seize easy preys, like sick animals. As a result, the presence of possible vehicles of infection is reduced, thus contributing to the safeguarding of herds from dangerous diseases.