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New activities for students and adults at Monte Barro Park

The school year has just begun and we are ready to start as well with our environmental education program at Parco Monte Barro.

The range of proposals is very broad; it ranges from natural themes to anthropology, from archeology to the recovery of local traditions. The classroom we prefer is always "en plein air", but there are other opportunities with the possibility to organise visits at the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museums, the Centre for Autochthonous Flora, the Ornithological Centre of Costa Perla and Villa Bertarelli, in Galbiate.

Among the new activities planned for the 2015-2016 school year we include:


  • The opportunity to visit the Ornithological Centre of Costa Perla that, thanks to a recent refurbishment, hosts a new room with images, videos and interactive installations that facilitate the discovery of migrations of the birds living on Mount Barro;
  • Guided tours to the Ethnographic and the Archaeological museums. Visits can take place on the same day or on two different days. If you book a visit for both the museums, we give a discount;
  • The redevelopment of the area dedicated to orienteering in Pian Sciresa, with the opportunity to explore the environment with maps and compasses;
  • The "two days in the Parks" partnership with the Regional Park of Montevecchia, which includes four thematic itineraries on the form of the landscape, the natural vegetation, archeology and history, geology and geomorphology;
  • Some joint proposals with the Lecco's Museum System, with proposals that combine educational workshops and visits to be done at the Monte Barro Park and at Lecco's museums.
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