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Pasturs kicks off, for the coexistence between man and large carnivores

Man and animals, shepherds and large carnivores; Orobie Alps communities say they are ready for a new coexistence. The credit goes to Pasturs, the project led by Eliante with the partnership of Orobie Bergamasche Park and WWF Bergamo-Brescia, the collaboration of Coldiretti Bergamo and the grant provided by Cariplo Foundation. The project will reduce the risks due to the presence of large carnivors on the Orobie Alps.

The project promotes a path of new knowledge that will lead to the training of volunteers who will provide a valuable aid to the shepherds to manage coexistence with predators. A transfer of knowledge that will allow to manage conflicts in the best way, reducing the risk of financial loss for sheperds and, at the same time, of poaching for Alpine large carnivores.

Encouraging a pacific coexistence between shepherds and large carnivores will reduce the difficulties for local livestock activities arising from possible incursions, preventing at the same time the extinction of endangered species such as the brown bear and the wolf. A process that will also differentiate positively the products from Orobie Alps thanks to a dedicated marketing plan, boosting the local economy according to the principles of environmental sustainability.

In the long term, the project could contribute to a development of a more sustainable mountain system, creating a favorable environment both for the continuation of traditional economic activities typical of the local community and for the conservation of large predators.

As already said, the project is supported by the Cariplo Foundation and sees the collaboration of Coldiretti Bergamo and the Lombardy Region that, within the European project LIFE WolfAlps, will act in synergy with Pasturs to implement coordinated actions of wolf management.

Among the key aspects of the project there are: the prevention of damages, the preservation of the traditional economic activities, the monitoring of the presence of wolves and bears, the disseminationf of information to sheperds, hunters, students and local communities.