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A successful year for the Pasturs project

A summer of green volunteering that got in peaceful touch men, nature and large predators. The first phase of the Pasturs project has successfully ended, which involved 31 people and 5 shepherds working together in the name of environmental protection in order to reduce the associated risk to the presence of large predators on the Orobie Alps.

The summer of Pasturs started on June, 13th and ended on September, 8th and involved more than 40 people out of 200 who had applied. Renato Balduzzi, Silvestro Maroni, Giuseppe Salvi, Andrea Morelli and Emanuele Manzoni are the five farmers who have welcomed volunteers, whom provided assistance in farmers' daily work: moving and setting electrified fences, overseeing the animals, collecting firewood, cooking, making hay and milking the cows.

The project allowed us to put in contact the city and the mountains, with university students interested in getting closer to a world different from the one they live in, submitting questions, doubts and curiosities to the shepherds about their work. The sheperds themselves were  happy with a such young and interested and shared their know-how about their activities.

In total, thanks to help of volunteers, more than 4800 sheeps, 105 goats, 150 cattle, 26 horses (donkeys and horses) have been pastured, 5 large predator-proof fences have been set and three puppies of Abruzzese Shepherd watchdogs have been donated.