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An ecological corridor between Alto Milanese Park and Ticino Park

Connecting Lombardy’s natural areas through the maintenance and improvement of a east-west "natural highway" in the territory north-west of Milan. This is the goal of the project "An ecological corridor between Alto Milanese Park and Ticino Park" that in the next two years will produce an in-depth feasibility study, which will provide the basis for the implementation of concrete actions aimed at the implementation of this important part of Lombardy ecological network.

Financed with the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo and with the sponsorship of WWF Italy , the project brings together in partnership the Alto Milanese Park (leader), two major universities such as Pavia and Milan Bicocca, Milano 1 Local Health Authority, Eliante and the Center Autochthonous Flora of Monte Barro Park.

The feasibility study will identify the necessary actions to maintain and improve the ecological corridor between Alto Milanese Park and Ticino Park, one of the most important in Lombardy as one of the few that connects natural areas in the eastern Po Valley with the West. This "natural highway" is increasingly threatened by the high urbanisation of the territory north of Milan that is threatening the possibility of maintaining the environment and the habitats typical of high Po Valley.

Native species and habitats that will benefit from this study are many: the stag beetle ( an insect threatened by habitat fragmentation and protected at European level), the hawk and the jay (birds susceptible to land degradation), the deer and the dormouse (mammals whose mobility is reduced by insurmountable infrastructures).

In addition to activities designed to improve the ecological corridor, the project will put in place a series of measures to assess the social and economic feasibility through meetings with citizens and schools.