High quality | Environmental sustainability of Alpine huts

The objective of the project was to design and to test a methodology for reducing the ecological footprint of Alpine huts, as well as to raise the huts owners' awareness about the improvement of the sustainability standards of their activity.

In order to do this, a specific tool has been designed to calculate the ecological footprint of huts; moreover, huts managers and owners operating in the provinces of Brescia and Sondrio (I) have been involved in specific workshops aiming at showing concrete ways of improvement of their activity.

The final outputs of the project have been presented during the International Tourism Exchange held in Milan on February, 2013, with the presence of two regional councillors of Lombardy Region.

Where: 2 Italian provinces (Brescia, Sondrio)

Client: WWF Italia

Funded by: Fondazione CARIPLO (I)

Period: Gennaio 2012 - Febbraio 2013


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The huts involved in the project