Remote areas for bears

The success of the policies aimed at protecting the brown bear that have been implemented in recent yearsmenabled a number of individuals to spread across the Alps of Lombardy. This slow and steady colonization is a process that, if not accompanied by a wise land management, may hopelessly stop, jeopardizing years of successes. 

In light of this danger, the project has been designed to identify suitable areas for brown bears to stay and breed within the Lombardy Alps

The project has been implemented in three phases; first, through an expert-based work the optimal conditions for brown bear reproduction have been analysed. Secondly, the most suitable areas for brown bear breeding have been found on maps. Eventually, detailed in the field surveys have been carried out to verify and validate the areas suitability.

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Where: Lombardy Alps

Funded by: WWF European Alpine Programme

Period: 2014-2015

Contact point: Mauro Belardi (