Molo river basin, Kenya

The project has been developed in collaboration with Manitese, WWF Italy and Slow Food. It took place in an area of Kenya that, in the past, had been strongly hit by deforestation and relevant social tensions.

The aim of the project was to improve the living conditions of the population living within Mau forest and along river Molo basin through the creation of an economy based on sustainable activities. How? By encouraging the participation of local communities in economic initiatives taking environment into account, in terms of preservation and enhancement. In particular, the project aimed at creating a community-based system able to promote responsible tourism, improve food quality and enhance the environment.

Eliante's activities in the field assessed the state of Mau forest's biodiversity, as well as opportunities and criticalities linked to its sustainable use. Final objective: creating a responsible tourism program and, at the same time, preserve biodiversity through the involvement of local communities.

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 Cover photo: Necofa

Where: Molo river basin, Kenya

Client: WWF Italia

Funded by: Fondazione Cariplo, Regione Lombardia

Period: 2013-2015

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