Biodiversity network

The project's objective was to make Annone lake part of the Lombardy Regional Ecological Network as part of a corridor bridging the Adda and the Lambro rivers, passing through Barro mount. 

The project took place in that part of the Lombardy bordered by the Segrino lake and the Barro mount on the north, by the Adda river on the east, by the Brivio marsh and the San Genesio-Colle Brianza ridge on the south and by the Lambro river on the west. 

The final output of the project has been a feasibility study that:

  • Identified interventions able to open the corridor where it is interrupted by, for example, roads or railways; 
  • Set the basis for the protection of Annone lake and other important areas to ensure the continuity of the corridor. 

Eliante took care of the involvement of the local stakeholders, ensuring the accepting of the feasibility study in order to make easier its implementation.

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Where: Lombardy Pre-Alps

Client: LIPU

Funded by: Fondazione Cariplo

Period: Marco 2013 - Febbraio 2015

Contact point: Marina Trentin (