Capacity Building

In the last two years, thanks to the support of the Cariplo Foundation, we have been able to undertake a complex path of renewal and acquisition of new skills within the Eliante Capacity Building Project.

In its nearly twenty years of activity, the Cooperative has changed in size and composition. The original management structure was no longer functional to the reality of Eliante and also the project and work opportunities of the partners had evolved over time. In fact, most of the revenues came from grants, with little or no margin for investment and with the need for co-financing that risked strangling the cooperative.

It was therefore decided to invest (successfully!) In the coaching of experienced professionals, who helped us in the deepening of the following aspects: the introduction of operational and management tools useful for improving the management of the organization, with particular emphasis on attention to strategic and economic-financial management; the development of skills that would increase the revenues deriving from private entities, not subject to co-financing, also to regularize the cash flow; a more synergic working approach of the partners, with a greater definition of roles and responsibilities.

Funded by: Fondazione Cariplo

Period: 24 mesi (concluso)

Contact point: Anna Crimella (