Forests in Mozambique

Funded by the Italian Agency for Cooperation, the project's aim is to promote and implement an integrated agro-pastoral production system, in order to reduce the vulnerability to climate change of ten villages in the Mocubela district, Mozambique. In the involved villages the diversification of productive activities, the use of agroforestry systems, conservational agriculture and sustainable livestock farming will be promoted.

Production activities will be combined with reforestation of mangroves and forest areas and the introduction of more efficient systems in timber use, with the aim of improving carbon capture in the area.

The project is carried out by the Istituto cooperazione economica internazional - ICEI in collaboration with Mani Tese, Coordinamento delle organizzazioni per il servizio volontario -COSV, Carbon Sink and Eliante, the local partners are UPCZ - União Provincial dos Camponeses from Zambézia; ORAM - Associação Rural de Ajuda Mutua.


Where: Mozambique

Funded by: Agenzia per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo

Period: Running project

Contact point: Mauro Belardi (