Young protagonists for nature

The keyword of this project was active learning. The project involved 1900 youngsters throughout Italy who participated in special courses that took place within 32 small protected areas managed by WWF Italy (the so-called Oasi). The idea was based on providing young people with cognitive tools that turned them into “territorial sentinels”, capable of both defending their territory from unauthorized building and promoting its value. At the end of the project the participants have been involved in reporting activities aimed at describing all the study areas.

Where: 32 WWF Italy's protected areas

Client: WWF Italia

Funded by: Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri | Dipartimento della Gioventù (I)

Contact point: Riccardo Nigro (

Website: http://www.giovanipr...


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The 32 WWF's Oasi where the project took place