LIFE EuroLargeCarnivores

Improving coexistence with large carnivores in Europe through communication and transboundary cooperation

The project, funded under the EU Life Governance and Information call, sees 17 European partners from 16 countries. Project leader is WWF Germany.

Eurolargecarnivores aims to give a significant contribution to the level of Communication and exchange of information and good practices according to the theme of large carnivores (Bear, Wolf, Lynx, Ghost) with a special focus on international trade. The project will concentrate on 5 main areas of activity: the Scandinavian Peninsula, the Iberian Peninsula, the Carpathians, Central Europe and the Alps.


Eliante is the Italian partner of the project, which will last until 2022.

Where: 16 European Countries

Client: WWF Germania

Funded by: Bando LIFE Governance and Information della UE

Period: Running project

Contact point: Mauro Belardi (

Website: https://www.eurolarg...