MAB Tagliamento - Man and Biosphere

The Tagliamento River is the last large free flowing River in Mid-Europe. Its gravel bed can even be seen on satellite images: a large corridor for migrating species. Its habitat and species diversity is outstanding and needs to be protected.

For the protection of Tagliamento, the STAR! Project looked for a tool that could join the protection of the river as a natural resource to the local development, in order to allow assessment and acknowledgement of the Environmental Services supplied by the river. After two years of meetings with important stakeholders and surveys, the STAR! project decided for the Man And Biosphere (MAB) program of UNESCO, since it is a clear and widely recognized label all over the world and already has a collection of success stories and lessons learnt.

This tool aimed at creating a “reserve of the biosphere” that could trigger local and regional socio-economic development: stakeholders were engaged and involved in the process  since the very beginning of the process. We met many of them during this last two years, preparing a list of key stakeholders and organizing many meetings, collecting a draft list of potential leaders, opportunities, needs and problems.

Where: Tagliamento River, Friuli Venezia Giulia

Client: WWF Italia

Period: 2016-2018

Contact point: Marina Trentin (

Website: http://mabtagliament...