Menu friends of the planet

The project raised consumers' awareness about the concept of sustainable diet through the implementation of a set of practical tools, such as a calculator capable of assessing the CO2 footprint linked to the food we daily prepare in our kitchens. The final goal of the project was to improve consumers' eating habits in terms of impact on the environment. The project foresaw the involvement of restaurant managers as well in order to encourage them to propose friend-of-the-planet menus.

On October, 17th, 2013 the final event of the project has been held. Click here for more information.

Where: Lombardy region (I)

Client: WWF Italia

Funded by: Fondazione CARIPLO (I)

Period: 2012-2013

Contact point: Antonio Bossi (

Website: http://www.oneplanet...

Course program (pdf)


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