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The project will create three new museum tours for the visually impaired and the blind in the Palazzo Belgiojoso Museum (Lecco), which will allow everyone to approach the cultural, historical and naturalistic heritage of the museum through new tools able to involve visotors emotionally as well.

Thanks to the opportunities offered by new digital technologies it is possible to widen the offer of museums with experiences that can involve disadvantaged people, breaking down that "taboo" preventing visitors from touching the exhibits.

Among the planned interventions, the realization of areas where it will be possible to access hypertexts also with voice synthesizer, the creation of copies of finds to be touched by visitors and the creation of tactile positions with original finds and sound panels.

Where: Palazzo Belgiojoso, Lecco province

Funded by: Fondazione Cariplo

Period: Running project - 2018 - 2020

Contact point: Antonio Bossi (