Strenghtening Orobie Bergamasche's ecological network

The project aim is enhancing the Orobie Alps ecological network, an important area to the implementation of the Regional Ecological Network of Lombardy.

The planned measures foresee the strengthening of the ecological network through the extension of pools and open areas (e.g. meadows, pastures, clearings), the upgrading of amphibian populations and a number of communications activities tailored for students, local communities and stakeholders.

Eliante supports WWF Italy in the latter action by organizing public meetings in the municipalities involved in the project and producing tailored communication materials (flyers, website).

Moreover, Eliante is working together with Orobie Bergamasche Park in order to design a "green bridge", which will be key to implement and strenghten the ecological network foreseen by the project.

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Where: Orobie bergamasche Alps (IT)

Client: WWF Italia

Funded by: Fondazione Cariplo

Period: 2012-2014

Contact point: Antonio Bossi (


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