STAR! Save the Alpine Rivers!

The STAR! project was a panalpine-wide action, aimed at collecting data and information on the water quality and the ecological status of alpine rivers’ environment, highlighting excellences and conservation priorities. In particular, high value was recognised to two rivers: the Soča and the Tagliamento. The last one is object of prevention and mitigation actions against the strong pressure due to human activities within its basin.

Eliante worked on awareness and communication actions against water withdrawals (above all for hydropower generation) depleting Tagliamento's flow rate, detention basins modifying its morphology, highways and other infrastructures planned in its basin. 

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Where: Tagliamento basin

Client: WWF Austria

Funded by: MAVA Foundation

Period: 2012-2015

Contact point: Marina Trentin (

WWF position paper about Tagliamento (EN) (pdf)
WWF position paper about Tagliamento (I) (pdf)
Manifesto for Tagliamento (I) (pdf)


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The Tagliamento basin