Responsible tourism at Monte Barro Park

Eliante and Legambiente Lecco have won the bid for tender for the management of Monte Barro’s Hermitage, a mixed-use building located within the Monte Barro Regional Park, Lombardy.

The task of Eliante is designing holiday packages in the pursuit of environmental sustainability, including trails, special events, acitivities in close connection with local stakeholders. Our goal is to attract tourists from all over Lombardy and beyond thanks to a high-level list of proposals.

Local stakeholders and facilities are already quite dynamic and propose a very rich series of activities targeting tourists. What we would like to do is working in close collaboration with them in order to create a consistent image of the park as a tourist destination able to satisfy very diverse needs and demands.

We are particularly interested in collaborating with innovative and sustainable projects in the area. We would like these projects describing themselves in terms of relationship with the territory and future goals. Moreover, we would like to enhance the dialogue between tourists and local communities in order to make tourists aware of the deep cultural heritage he is discovering. 

Where: Monte Barro Regional Park

Client: Parco Regionale del Monte Barro

Period: Running project

Contact point: Antonio Bossi (

Website: http://www.parcomont...

Information Val Roseg trip (pdf)


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The park is located among three lakes